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Misconception about heart monitoring

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June 15, 2023 12:00:00 PM Dr. Ashwani Mehta

Misconception about heart monitoring

Heart monitoring is a crucial aspect of maintaining overall health and well-being, but there are several misconception about it and these often led to misunderstandings and may prevent individuals from seeking proper heart treatment which can be dangerous to heart and might let several heart disease.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some common misconception about heart monitoring from which you may not be aware of so let’s dive into this blog and clear you misconception.

1. Only Individuals suffering from heart disease can do heart monitoring

While heart monitoring is important for the person who is suffering from heart disease, it helps to identify the problem form which they are suffering but individuals who are normal, they can also have a heart checkup and if is having any problem then It can help detecting early signs of the disease and get the prescribed treatment from the doctor to overcome the disease.

2. Heart monitoring is only for adult

Heart issues can affect any age group whether it’s childrens or adults, heart monitoring is important for everyone regardless of any age or demographic. Any one can have heart issues so it’s important to have a routine heart checkup of individual to detecting the health report his/her heart.

3. Heart rate is the only factor to detect the heart problem during the heart monitoring

While heart rate is the important factor to detect the problem other factors also play a important role during the check up such as blood pressure, heart rhythm, oxygen level which provide the valuable insights about heart that should be consider during heart monitoring. Such as the blood pressure measure how strongly your heart and blood vessels pump blood to the of your body and oxygen level provides the information about the oxygen which is carried by the blood throughout the body. So it’s clear that apart form heart rate other factor also play role in heart monitoring which are important for the correct diagnose of heart.

4. Heart monitoring can be done in hospitals/clinics only

Advancement in technology have led to the development of reliable home heart monitoring devices that provide accurate readings, such as holter monitoring it’s a device which monitor your heart beat for 24 hours, sometimes more then it such as ELR (Event Loop Recorder) devices which records your heart beat consistently for several days. And these devices allow to monitor your heart from the comfort of your home without any problem.

5. Heart Monitoring is a one-time event and doesn’t need to be done regularly

As the time pass heart healthy also changes over the time so it’s not a one time event, monitoring your heart regularly helps to identify trends, detect issues early and also it can detect the effectiveness of lifestyle changes or medical treatment.

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