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Running Can Strengthen the Heart Muscle

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Mar 31, 2021 11:40:42 AM Dr. Ashwani Mehta

Running Can Strengthen the Heart Muscle

Heart disease is one of the most frequent causes of death in the United States when persons of all ages are considered. About twenty out of each thousand have some kind of heart trouble. About one person in three or four dies of heart disease. We find with proper diet and exercise, namely running can lesson the risks.

People live much longer now, on the average than they did a hundred and fifty years ago. We know so much more now, at how running affects the human heart, within moderation. The heart is simply a muscle, needing daily exercise can almost ensure, if there is anything you will not die from, and that is any kind of heart disease!

During the ages between ten and fifteen years old, the kind of heart disease called rheumatic fever causes more deaths in the United States than any other disease. Between the ages of and twenty-four, only tuberculosis causes more deaths.

Rheumatic fever may affect the heart by directly weakening the heart muscle, or by attacking the valves so they get out of shape and doesn't close properly. This allows some of the blood to leak through and makes extra work for the heart. The heart will try to make up for this by enlarging, just as the muscles in the arm enlarge if they are exercised more.

When the heart becomes larger, it also becomes less efficient and eventually it may be unable to keep up with all the work it has to do. There is various kinds do heart disease. One less frequent kind is called congenital heart disease. It is caused by a fault in the development of the heart before birth.

Doctors can now help a patient whose ductus arteriosus who didn't close, by tying off this blood vessel. During a severe infection, such as pneumonia scarlet fever or diphtheria, the toxin given off by the germs may weaken the heart muscle. This kind of heart disease differs from most of the others in that it almost always causes trouble only during the main illness or for a short time thereafter.

High blood pressure overworks the heart, because the left ventricle has to pump against a pressure in the arteries which is higher than normal. Narrowing or closing off the coronary Arteries air also a frequent cause of heart disease. In this disease, the heart muscle does not get enough blood though keep it nourished. Syphilis, if not properly treated may carouse heart disease. Infection and ticking of the pericardium keeps the heart from filling or contracting properly, much as a very tight glove would make it impossible for you to close your hand tightly.

To take care of your heart you should follow the ordinary rules for good health! Even more concern with your heart...now that you know more about it! Eat the right kinds of foods; get plenty of rest and plenty of exercise! Running is one of the best ways to strengthen the heart. The sports needing top endurance training will use running to build a strong heart and to improve their circulatory system.