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World Heart Day

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Sept 15 2023 03:00:00 PM Dr. Ashwani Mehta

World Heart Day 2023

World Heart Day, held every year on September 29, is an international event whose main purpose is to raise awareness about heart disease, which is a global threat and danger. It is more important in Indian context because we are having largest number of cardiac patients .

World Heart Day is an important reminder for everyone around the world to take care of their hearts for their health. This year's event focuses on the importance of understanding one's own complexity. In a world where understanding of heart health is limited and policy development is lacking, our goal is to eliminate these barriers and empower people to take control.

The Theme of World Heart Day 2023

“Use Heart for every Heart” is the theme for this year This theme goes beyond the boundaries of pure body. It shows the deep connection between our hearts and our minds. More importantly, it encourages us to pay attention to the hearts of others, using our own emotions and understanding to inform the feelings of those around us.

At its core, this theme is an important reminder to pay attention not only to our own hearts, but also to the hearts of our communities; It gives us the value of kindness and compassion as a means of healing the heart and overall health. Here are three ways to use your heart to benefit everyone.

Heart for Humanity

A staggering 75% of all heart disease affects low- and middle-income countries and we are no exception to this . This indicates that we need reach out to people with heart disease for the sake of humanity. We can make a huge impact by raising awareness and providing financial support for their treatment and recovery. Together we can reduce the burden of these poor people and create a healthy world.

Heart for Nature

Our reckless behavior has damaged the environment, pollution has made our hearts sick. A staggering 25 percent of cardiovascular deaths can be attributed to air pollution, killing an estimated 7 million people worldwide. We must work together to prevent the situation and prevent the entry of pollutants. The health of the earth is directly linked to the development of the hearts of its inhabitants, making it fit for competition.

Heart for Ourselves

The saying "charity begins at home" rings true when it comes to the heart. It is important to ensure our own health before reaching out to others. Use the concept of “self-awareness” by practicing self-care. This requires eating healthy, exercising daily, and eliminating burdens from your life. By prioritizing our own well-being, we can lay the foundation for a strong mind that can continue to serve others.

How can we reduce the risk of heart disease?

It is important to ensure that we and those who have a special place in our hearts have a good heart for the future. Keeping this noble goal in mind, let's understand some strategies you can use to care for and protect your most important organ: your mind.

Understanding the Basic Health metrics

Heart disease is often based on the subsequent interruption of digits. Knowing your risk and following the advice that “knowledge is power” is the first step to prevention.

The World Heart Association has emphasized the importance of carefully monitoring vital signs, including diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight and body mass index (BMI). These digital markers are useful because they provide important information about your risk of heart disease. You can take steps to heal the heart by actively working to improve these parameters. Accessing this important information is as easy as consulting your doctor who can perform a comprehensive evaluation.

Embracing a heart-healthy diet

A simple Recipe for Optimal Cardiac Well-being is diet ,. It is characterized by prudent nutritional choices which stands as another pivotal pillar of long-term heart health. The World Heart Federation imparts the following guidance to effectively "fuel your heart"

  • Limit Processed and Pre-Packaged Foods : Tread cautiously around processed and pre-packaged foods, often laden with excessive sugar and fat content.
  • Choose Fresh Fruit Over Sugary foods : Replace sugary indulgences with the natural sweetness of fresh fruits, a healthier alternative brimming with nutrients.
  • Reduce Sugary Beverages and Fruit Juices : Opt for hydration through water or unsweetened juices in lieu of sugary beverages
  • Choose Fresh Fruit Over Sugary foods : Replace sugary indulgences with the natural sweetness of fresh fruits, a healthier alternative brimming with nutrients.
  • Take more Fruits and Vegetables : Strive to incorporate a daily intake of five portions of fruits and vegetables into your diet. These can be sourced from fresh, frozen, tinned, or dried varieties.
  • Moderate Alcohol Consumption : Keep your alcohol consumption in alignment with recommended guidelines to safeguard your heart's well-being.
  • Prepare Homemade Meals : In this era of online food delivery , take charge of your dietary choices by crafting your own nutritious lunches for school or work from the comfort of your home.

While these recommendations may seem like intuitive steps, their impact on heart health is profound. Your dietary choices are a realm where you exert considerable control in the prevention of heart disease. Opting for healthier alternatives can also mitigate your susceptibility to conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other health issues linked to obesity and elevated cholesterol levels.

Be Active

Celebrate with Heart-Strengthening Exercises. While maintaining a healthy diet is essential to maintaining a healthy heart, the importance of physical activity cannot be ignored. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to heart disease and highlights the important role of exercise in supporting the heart.

The World Heart Association has the following recommendations:

  • Exercise first : Do at least 30 minutes of physical activity at least five times a week. Activities such as playing, walking, working or dancing are all necessary.
  • Add a variety of activities to your daily routine : Add a variety of activities to your daily routine by choosing to use the stairs instead of the elevator, walking or cycling instead of driving, and adopting a lifestyle that values mobility.
  • Group workouts : It becomes more motivating and fun when you share your workouts with your friends and family. Collaborate with loved ones to move steadily toward your health goals.
  • Talk to a Doctor : Before starting an exercise program, consult a doctor to make sure it meets your specific needs.
  • Leverage Technology : Use apps or track your progress and get a better heart. pedometers to manage your efforts along the way.
  • Yoga : offers another form of exercise that not only improves physical health but also reduces stress and heart risk. illness. It achieves this through a combination of physical activity and breathing control and prevents heart diseases.

Quit smoking

Smoking not only affects physical activity, but can also cause high blood pressure and affect smokers' health. On World Heart Day, consider these key points

  • Within two years of quitting smoking, the risk of heart disease is significantly reduced.
  • Within 15 years, the risk of heart disease returns to that of a non-smoker.
  • By accepting this change, you can not only improve your own health, but also protect the health of those around you

Start your journey to a healthy heart today